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Texas Commercial Electricity Rates and Prices

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Texas Commercial Electricity Reverse Auction


Our Texas commercial energy and electricity reverse auction allows a Texas business to receive the most competitive bids on their actual electricity usage by having multiple electric companies in Texas compete for your business. We are not a shell company working for one or 2 Texas electricity companies but act as an energy consultant on your businesses behalf. We go out to 10 - 15 different Texas electricity providers that are actively bidding the most competitive prices and have them compete to win your business. In no way do we accept incentives to offer one providers rates over another.

Our goal is to find you the cheapest Texas electricity rate for you through a tailor made bidding process on your actual or estimated usage. Our proposal we send to you comes with no obligation and you can choose to go at it on your own at anytime. We think you will be satisfied with our services but if for some reason you are not you have no obligation to use us and can leave our services at anytime. Our Texas energy consulting company is a member in good standing with TEPA Texas, (Texas Energy Professionals Association)

We are able to procure a cheaper Texas commercial or industrial electricity rate through putting these Texas energy providers through a competitive reverse auction process. The ultimate goal is to achieve a cheaper Texas electricity price than you could procure on your own. The large amount of volume we do coupled with the reverse auction insures you procure a cheaper price for your Texas commercial electricity service than if you were to attempt to do what we do on your own. For added savings some companies qualify to be placed in a Texas commercial energy aggregation with other Texas businesses that use their energy in a similar manner. Examples of our Texas electricity usage aggregation service involves aggregating similar hospital and medical facilities, restaurant franchises and similar scenarios.

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Energy Companies in Texas

What retail electric provider is the best?

    In our experience retail electric providers constantly adjust their rates, plans and how they do business. We have to stay vigilant in watching how energy contracts go through modifications and when we are asked to accept new contractual terms. Our attorneys help us in looking through contracts to see if providers are still playing honest in how they do business with our clients and ourselves. In our attempt to serve you we make sure that our proposal shows an accurate picture of the rate and savings you will get. By using us you are skipping past the tricks of the trade many retail electric providers use and getting down to the bottom line cost savings you would hope for when shopping for commercial electricity.


Commercial Texas Electricity


Cheap Commercial Texas Electricity Prices



Comparison of multiple Texas Commercial Electricity Companies and Rates

By comparing several reputable commercial and industrial electricity companies can help you guage how cheap you can prcure your businesses energy rates. We put your electricity usage through a reverse auction which is more than just a price proposal. We help lower your electricity rate by taking as much retail margin out as possible through the auction process.

All fees and charges in our discount commercial electricity price comparison are displayed in a clear easy to understand manner. We have no tricks or gimmicks in our proposal and there are no hidden fees when using Electricity Bid to negotiate your commercial or industrial businesses electricity prices.





Compare the cheapest Commercial Texas Electricity Rates

Commercial and Industrial

If you have a small, medium, or large commercial or industrial business in Texas we can help reign in your electricity costs. We take your estimated or historical Texas electricity usage out to multiple electricity companies in a thorough reverse auction process to achieve the cheapest Dallas Texas electricity price. Money on the table programs are also available to add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line simply by particpating. learn more

No Obligation Electricity Rate Proposal

Although we can provide an immediate electricity rate proposal it will not be the preferred method which is our reverse auction. By allowing us a couple of days to put your electric usage through a reverse auction process we can receive energy quotes from multiple Texas electricity providers in order achieve the cheapest available electricity rate for your Dallas area business. Aggregation of similar load profiles represents additional opportunities to save. learn more

Our Texas Commercial Energy Consultants

In addition to lowering the cost of your commercial electricity service rates our Texas energy consultants can find other areas to reduce your Texas businesses overall energy costs. We would be happy to come on site to your commercial or industrial business and have an engineer put together an assessment of some automation retrofits that can control your electric load and energy demand. If no possibilities exist you have atleast explored all areas of cost savings for your commercial business. Some of these programs consist of EILS and LAARS in regards to reducing Texas electricity demand. learn more

Detailed Proposal and Forecasting

Our no obligation apples to apples commercial electricity rate comparison proposal will show you the cheapest discount electricity providers that have bid on your account. The auction allows for us to remove as much retail margin from the commercial energy prices as possible. Once the commercial electricity companies have gone as low as they can go we put these electric rates together in a clear electricity comparison stripped of any hidden fees and charges. Electricity rates can be refreshed anytime after the initial proposal has been generated. Finally, a Texas energy consultant will go over the proposal with you. learn more