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Willacy County Texas Electric Choice

Raymondville is the largest city in this area and offers the option of picking from multiple electric companies. It's important to shop rates in this town because doing so can add about $300 a year to your families budget.

There are not many essential services that you can shop for that will give you that kind of money back. We turned off our Direct satellite TV which saved us about $500 a year but you don't even need that.

Our comparison widget is unique in that we attempt to average in all the fees into the rate so you can clearly see the "all-in" price you will pay. We do this so you can quickly compare and order your rate online being confident that you are getting what you believe you agreed to pay.

It's unfortunate but some providers mislead on the price in various ways and that's why this site is so helpful. We take on the challenge of misleading rates by making the comparison clear and something the average customer can easily understand.

Try our comparison widget above and call us with any questions: 1-800-971-4020

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