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If you live in Brenham, Burton, Berlin, Chappell Hill, Gay Hill, Greenvine, Independence, Latium and surrounding areas you can choose a competing electric provider and save quite a lot of money on your electric bill.

You can typicallly save anywhere from $300 - $500 a year by choosing an alternate electric company and this money can be used for more pressing need in your family.

Most peoples apprehensions for picking a different electric company have to do with the gimmicks that are out there in advertising mediums.

You will find many providers offering what looks like a cheap electric rate only to find it go up in price on your bill

We strive to educate you ahead of time by showing you the electric rate and all fees and charges averaged into it so there is no guessing

Our customers in places like Brenham use us again and again because we are honest and clear in our advertisements and show you a clearly understood rate from various providers making it easy to shop and order electric service.

Call us with your questions at: 1-800-971-4020

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