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Compare the Cheapest Houston Texas Electric Rates


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In Houston the ability to compare electricity rates is available by simply typing in your zip code and clicking on a compare button.

Please click here: Texas commercial electricity, to learn more about our reverse auction for Houston businesses needing to find the cheapest Houston electricity rate with a reputable Houston or Harris County commercial electricity company.


There are over 30 retail electric providers in Houston TX and many of these companies offer both fixed and variable electric rate plans.


We recommend choosing a fixed electric rate but whatever it is you do it is important to use a comparison chart that takes the time to bundle in all fees and charges.


Residential Houston electricity rates are available right on this site with all fees included while our commercial compare process involves a more in-depth reverse auction process.


If you need help with your commercial or residential electric company comparison in Houston Texas please use our zip code tool above or call us at 1-800-971-4020


Compare the cheapest Discount Houston Texas Electric Companies

No Deposit Houston Electric Companies

After signing up with one of the above Houston electricity providers, they will let you know immediately whether you have been approved and if a deposit will be needed. Deposits are handled on a case by case basis after checking your credit. Some providers will pass you on credit more easily than another electric company. The best way to see if you will need to pay a deposit is to attempt to sign up. At this time Bounce Energy and Affordable Energy have a more lenient credit and deposit requirement than the other providers in the list.


After Comparing Which Plan Is Right?

There is no one right electricity rate and plan as everyone is facing a different situation. If you will be in your residence for a long time and residential electricity rates are historically low it makes sense to sign up on a long term fixed rate. Even if you will pay a premium for a longer term rate you will save money if electricity rates are near their lows. The next year electricity prices in Houston could go up and so by locking in at a low you are buying insurance. For others a short term electricity contract lets them try before they truly commit without worrying that they will have to pay an early termination penalty if they cancel.


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Call 1-800-971-4020 to Order

You may wish to speak to a person before deciding on a Houston residential electricity plan. We have several energy consultants available to answer your residential energy price questions. You may need a no deposit electricity rate or company, if that is the case we have a couple of options that will work for you. We do not work with prepaid Houston electricity companies as there have been too many issues and customer complaints concerning early disconnects. We have some traditional billing no deposit companies and plans we think will work perfect for those who have no credit or bad credit.


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Detailed Proposal and Forecasting

Our no obligation apples to apples commercial electricity rate comparison proposal will show you the cheapest discount electricity providers that have bid on your account. The auction allows for us to remove as much retail margin from the commercial energy prices as possible. Once the commercial electricity companies have gone as low as they can go we put these electric rates together in a clear electricity comparison stripped of any hidden fees and charges. Electricity rates can be refreshed anytime after the initial proposal has been generated. Finally, a Texas energy consultant will go over the proposal with you.


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