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About Electricity Bid

Learn more about Electricity Bid and what we can do for your company. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please give us a call at 1-800-971-4020
  • We are a group of energy consultants and licensed aggregators regulated by the Public Utility Commission.
  • At this time we primarily work with the Texas and Illinois markets.
  • 100,000 - 1,000,000 KWh a year accounts are competitively bid on in an aggregation. (Placing smaller accounts in an aggregation encourages providers to compete for their business and bid competitively.)
  • 1,000,001 - and larger KWh are grouped based on load factor into an aggregation in order to encourage a fierce competitive bidding environment.
  • Our business is structured so that we have a non-agency relationship with the Texas electric companies.
  • We go out strictly on behalf of YOUR interests in order to obtain the lowest rate possible.
  • The main strategy of this website is to provide to YOU the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to shop for electricity rates.
  • If YOU haven't already, begin by Contact Us.

Serving Our Clients

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We are your consumer advocate and not a big brand energy company selling one product

When your Texas business works with Electricity Bid you are using a consumer advocate and energy consulting company that has several electricity rates and products to bring to the table. The electricity rates are presented in an unbiased apples to apples comparison. Energy contract terms and conditions are worked out ahead of time to be as favorable to the customer as possible.
We do not work with disreputable Texas electricity companies. If a Texas electric service company will not adjust their contract terms and conditions to be in line with industry standard rules and regulations we do not recommend that electricity provider. Our proposal gives you a clear picture and you choose the provider, term, and rate that fits your situation. To learn more please click here.

Professional Consultants

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We utilize skilled energy professionals with a complete knowledge of the Texas electricity market and all the risks that go into procuring a Texas energy price. You can feel confident when working with Electricity Bid that you will receive a fair and accurate Texas electricity rate proposal with as much retail margin stripped away as possible.

Electricity Bid began in 2002 when Texas first deregulated the Texas electricity market. Our energy consultants are founding members with the Texas Energy Professionals Association also known as
TEPA Texas. We work with reputable electricity companies in Texas and are always looking to bring on new providers that meet our guidelines. Our leverage we have with over 15 different retail electricity providers in Texas comes from the large amount of business we bring to them provided they give us their cheapest rates. If one Texas electricity company can offer a better rate with the same contract terms and conditions then we use that company. We never except incentives from one electric company in exchange for sending them customers. Bottom line, a Texas electricity provider has to come in with the cheapest price to win the bid. Because we go through a full reverse auction process you can be confident that electricity quotes you receive from us are the cheapest rates we have received. By operating an honest straight forward energy consulting company we continue to achieve a very high customer retention rate and win the confidence of new Texas electricity customers daily.

Partners Program

Would you like to work as a Texas energy consultant for Electricity Bid?

We are looking for skilled seasoned energy professionals in the Texas electricity market. Are you a retail electricity provider sales associate? Why not become a customer advocate and achieve the cheapest Texas electricity prices for your customers? By only selling for big brand energy you can only sell one rate and you can't go to bat for your customers. If this sounds interesting to you then please contact us to learn more..

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